Areas of application of mechanical seals

of UkrSpetsMash Design Bureau

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

  • single and 2TMR series dual mechanical seal is designed for sealing the shafts of agitators, reactors and other equipment;
  • TBG series non-contact gas barrier mechanical seal, designed for sealing the rotating shafts of the equipmen;
  • BTN-12D-35K series tank heat exchanger (tank) is designed for storage, cooling and control of volume, temperature and pressure of buffer fluid;
  • BPG 6-M-1 series gas processing unit is designed for cleaning and supplying the gas into a non-contact gas barrier multi-spring mechanical seal of TBG type.

Chemical industry

  • cartridge mechanical seals for the large-scale ammonia production pumps;
  • mechanical seals for chemical pumps;
  • dual mechanical seals for chemical reactor agitators;
  • dual gas barrier mechanical seals for the pumps and agitators.

Power engineering

  • long-life mechanical seals (over 16 500 hours) for ПЭ and ПТ series feed water pumps, as well as for Ксseries condensate extraction horizontal pumps;
  • dual cartridge mechanical seals for КсВ series condensate extraction vertical pumps;
  • mechanical seals for СЭ series district heating pumps and Д series pumps;
  • external heat exchangers, intended for cooling the liquids, supplied to the mechanical seals.

Crude oil transportation and production, oil and gas processing

  • mechanical seals for НМ series crude oil main pipeline pumps;
  •  mechanical seals for ЦНС series waterflood pumps for secondary oil recovery;
  • single, tandem and dual mechanical seals for НК, НКВ, НПС series pumps;
  • mechanical seals for НПС and ЦНС series pumps, designed for crude oil transportation from the oil field;
  • hydrocyclone separators, designed for cleaning the liquid, supplied to the mechanical seals.

Mechanical seal can be applied in all units, using rotation for the transfer of kinetic energy to the equipment working sector.

Mechanical seal is designed for separating the internal and external space of the mechanism, operating at low or high rotational speed. Thus, the equipment working space is sealed from any environmental factors.

As a rule, such units are used in all rotary-type mechanisms, regardless of the input energy source. There are the following main industries, in which equipment with mechanical seals are in great demand: petrochemical, food processing, paper-and-pulp, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Equipment downtime due to failure of seals or glands is quite common and economic losses thereby are impressive, although the cost of high-quality mechanical seals is rather small.

Mechanical seals, made by UkrSpetsMash, are highly reliable. They simplify the equipment assembly / disassembly, greatly increase its service life and ensure the trouble-free operation of the units. The units, produced at the Company, are largely interchangeable, that allows minimizing the costs and time expenses for repair works.

Our production

Mechanical seals

Газозатворные уплотнения ТБГ

Support systems

Бачок-теплообменник БТ-12Т-15К
Бачок-теплообменник БТН-12Д-35К
Выносной теплообменник ВТ-45К
Система автоматического поддержания перепада давления САППД 1.1-7.5/3-35К
Гидроциклонный сепаратор марки ГЦС-95К
Блок подготовки газа БПГ 6-М-1

The physical and chemical properties of the equipment working medium rather determine the choice of a mechanical seal design. The main medium criteria are:

  • sealing medium state of aggregation;
  • working pressure;
  • temperature;
  • chemical aggressivity;
  • flammability;
  • viscosity;
  • content of salt and suspended particles;
  • danger level for personnel.

The friction pair is the main unit of the mechanical seal. Therefore the material for its manufacture shall have certain properties, among which are:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • durability;
  • minimum friction factor;
  • deformation resistance;
  • high-temperature resistance.

The list of the goods, offered by our Company, contains high-quality mechanical seals and accessories for them, as well as auxiliary systems, providing their proper functioning.

The specialists of UkrSpetsMash Company carry out installation, technical maintenance and, if necessary, warranty and post-warranty repair of the mechanical seals.

As mentioned above, the mechanical seals, manufactured by our Company, are interchangeable with the similar ones, which are produced by the leading world seal manufacturers, such as Roten, ТРЭМ, Eagle Burgmann, Анод and John Crane. The only difference of our products from the similar ones is their lower cost under the consistently high quality.

We successfully deal with the issues of equipment sealing in various industries.

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