TBG series gas barrier seals

Газозатворные уплотнения ТБГ

Application of the mechanical seals

TBG series non-contact gas barrier mechanical seal is a multi-spring seal, designed for sealing the rotating shafts of the equipment, the working fluids of which do not exert a corrosive effect on the sealing parts, contacting with them, and in which the leakages of pumped liquid are not allowed. Such seals may be applied in case it is not possible to use the liquids as a sealing medium.

TBG-P series gas barrier mechanical seal is characterized by antifriction bearing, stabilizing and reducing the radial runout in the seal.

Mounting dimensions of the non-contact gas barrier mechanical seals of TBG and TBG-P types correspond to the mechanical seals T1 and T2 according to ОСТ 26-01-1243-81.

2TBG series dual non-contact gas barrier mechanical seal is designed for sealing the shafts of the equipment, working with particularly harmful, explosive and fire hazardous environments, the leakages of which are not allowed. The external gas barrier friction pair performs a duplicating function in particularly critical processes.

2TBG-P series mechanical seal is characterized by antifriction bearing, performing the stabilizing function.

Mounting dimensions of the dual non-contact gas barrier mechanical seals of 2TBG and 2TBG-P types correspond to the mechanical seals T3 and T4 according to ОСТ 26-01-1243-81.

Specific design features of the seals:

  • construction simplicity and reliability;
  • long service life in comparison with the similar ones;
  • shaft diameter: from 40 to 150 mm;
  • the seals are provided with hydraulically unloaded friction pairs;
  • cartridge type construction simplify the installation / removal;
  • the springs are removed from the working liquid (product) or are located in a barrier gas;
  • prior to shipment all mechanical seals are subjected to bed tests.
  • The barrier gas is supplied into the seal from the external source through the gas processing unit of BPG 6-M-1 type.

Application of the gas barrier seals in the pumps

Non-contact gas barrier mechanical seals, designed for sealing the equipment shafts, may be applied in the following pumps:

  • large-capacity ammonia production pumps (condensate extraction pumps (items 112J, 113J, etc.), ammonia pumps (items 109J and 1002J), pumps and hydraulic turbine, working with the Carsol and Benfield solutions (items 106J, 107J and 107JHT);
  • ХБ 160/210 and ХБ 500/260 series ammonia water pumps;
  • MSD 8х10х15 and MSD 4х6х10 series ammonia main line pumps;
  • Х 45/31 ГОУ series graphite pumps.

Parameters in the seal working area

  • Sealing pressure: up to 6 atmospheres;
  • Temperature of the sealing liquid / gas: from minus 30 up to 200 °С;
  • Temperature during the application between the casing of the chemical device and thermal barrier (cooler on the shaft): up to 400 °С.

Applicable materials:

  • Casing parts: 20Х13, 08Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н13М2Т and ВТ-1;
  • Friction pairs: silicium carbide and tungsten carbide;
  • Secondary seals are rubber rings made of fluorine rubber, perfluoro elastomer and ethylene propylene, as well as rubber rings in a fluoroplastic cover.

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Газозатворные уплотнения ТБГ