BPG 6-M-1 series gas processing unit

Блок подготовки газа БПГ 6-М-1


BPG 6-M-1 series gas processing unit is designed for cleaning and supplying the gas into a non-contact gas barrier multi-spring mechanical seal of TBG type and a non-contact dual gas barrier mechanical seal of 2TBG type, which are intended for sealing the shafts of devices with especially harmful, explosive and fire hazardous media, as well as for monitoring the gas pressure and flow rate.

Main technical characteristics of gas processing unit

  • Shut-off gas: air, nitrogen
  • Maximum pressure at the unit inlet: 6 atmospheres
  • Maximum pressure at the unit outlet: 6 atmospheres
  • Degree of purification from solids: max. 1 µm

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